Commercial Auto Insurance

Keeping My Eyes On The Road

Tim Smith
Jan 20, 2017

Do as I say ..... Not as I Do.  

Tim Smith of Hoschton-based insurance agency Ash Welborn meets with Greg Bennett of LocalMatterz (formerly Slimvmedia) on just another day on the job. On their way to meeting a client, Tim and Greg talk auto insurance and advice to their clients on how they can save money versus other auto insurance providers, and safe driving when Greg realizes there's something wrong.

Although Tim Smith is blind, his clients and partners know that from skiing, to climbing trees and playing with his kids, working full-time to provide the best insurance and service for his clients, and even driving, nothing will stop him or hold him back from doing what he loves and helping people. Put the insurance of your automobiles in Tim Smith's hands... but maybe not your car keys. 



Watch this Video Now for Tim's experience Insurance advice.Ash Welborn Insurance Agency has offices in Houschton, Jefferson, and Cornelia, GA. Call them today at (678) 863-3691.